Alison Berke teaching the All Bodies Can Move Class at Iconoclast Fitness

ABCD - All Bodies Can Do Kids' Fitness Class

All Bodies Can Do Fitness

All Bodies Can Do (ABCD) Fitness is a program for children ages 7-10. The program is designed to help young people develop and enhance their physical skills, capabilities and self-confidence, and encourage awareness of the mind-body connection. 

The program applies appropriate level personal training techniques in a small group setting, incorporating exercises and routines to foster agility, balance, coordination, strength, speed and endurance. All Bodies Can Do Fitness hopes to teach children about the ways these physical capabilities are important in their everyday lives and to cultivate enjoyment and positivity around physical fitness.

The ABCD Kids' Fitness Class is held at 12pm on Saturdays at Iconoclast Fitness, located at 210 5th avenue, 5th floor, between 25th and 26th streets.

Cost: $40 per person

ABCD Instructor

Alison Berke is a personal and group fitness trainer and professional health coach.  Working in the health and wellness arena is a second career for Alison, who for many years worked at NBC News, Reuters, and independently as a television and video producer.  
A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School of Communication, Alison received her personal training certification through the American Academy of Personal Training (AAPT), and her health coaching certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).  She has a secondary IIN certification in hormone health.  
Alison is married and has four children, all of whom participate in individual and/or team sports. Through her own experiences and in watching her children’s practices and games, Alison recognized that young people -- athletes or not -- would benefit greatly from focused instruction on several fitness fundamentals: proper form in exercise; coordination, strength, and endurance training; and greater awareness of the mind-body connection.  Alison saw this as an opportunity to bring her personal training expertise and passion to young people, and launched All Bodies Can Do (ABCD) Fitness.

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All Bodies Can Do Kids' Fitness Class